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Stricter Corona measures: Mask requirement occurs at Kiel schools in Kraf

Stricter Corona measures: Mask requirement occurs at Kiel schools in Kraf

An urgent application by the initiative to the Federal Constitutional Court also failed. The organizers one "Lateral thinking"- Demonstrations in Dresden before the Federal Constitutional Court were also unsuccessful.

Before the Karlsruhe decision, the Hessian Court of Justice justified the decision on Saturday morning with the high risk of infection. In view of the expected number of participants of around 40,000 demonstrators, it is not clear how the required minimum distances in downtown Frankfurt can be maintained. In addition, be on the Saturday before the third Advent "Expect a high number of passers-by doing their Christmas shopping". The applicant had not submitted a viable hygiene concept for its meetings and rejected alternative locations offered by the city of Frankfurt.

FDP General Secretary Wissing: The cardboard comrade "Certificate of poverty for the Ministry of Defense": Expert opinion strengthens doubts about the Bundeswehr’s assault rifle

Two small gatherings with "a handful" "Lateral thinkers" were dissolved, as a police spokesman announced. "These were in direct context with the prohibited event". In the meantime, around 450 counter-demonstrators had met for a rally and started a march from there. The "Lateral thinker" had called on their supporters to come to Frankfurt despite the ban and to register spontaneous meetings.

In the meantime, the mood became more charged when both groups met at the main guard in the city center, as a police spokesman reported on Saturday. The officers threatened the use of water cannons, but were able to separate the groups. So far, the spokesman has not been able to say whether or how many arrests there have been. The police were in action with hundreds from several federal states.

The organizers of the "Lateral thinking"- The demonstration in Dresden in front of the Federal Constitutional Court was unsuccessful, their urgent application was also rejected. The Upper Administrative Court of Saxony in Bautzen had previously confirmed the city of Dresden’s ban. The Higher Administrative Court came under fire a month ago when it banned a "Lateral thinking"-Demo in downtown Leipzig at the beginning of November again overturned.

According to the police, alleged rally participants who had arrived were stopped, two buses were sent back to the motorway and a group of hooligans who behaved aggressively were taken into custody. Administrative offense proceedings were initiated against the 26 men for violating corona measures. According to the police, there were no major incidents and the situation remained calm. A total of 161 reprimands were issued and almost 300 administrative offenses were punished. In addition, the officials stated that they had committed 25 crimes, including insulting, resisting and falsifying health certificates. A total of 72 people were temporarily taken into police custody.

Despite the judicial ban on a large assembly in Erfurt, according to police, around 500 people came to the Domplatz on Saturday afternoon. According to observers, the situation escalated in part when the police tried to break up the unauthorized meeting, which was directed against the state’s corona measures, and to determine the identities of the participants. The police had previously asked the people several times to leave the square one by one. Many did not follow this. Instead, a crowd moved a little way into the adjacent Marktstrasse.

New Year’s Eve without dangerous blasts: apparently many people in Karlsruhe want that. The city reacted – and declared Schlossplatz a firework-free zone.

On New Year’s Eve, it is forbidden to fire rockets and firecrackers of any kind on Karlsruhe’s Schlossplatz, reports the "Karlsruhe city newspaper".template for argumentative essay The safety zone also includes the event area of ​​the Stadtwerke Eiszeit.

According to Mayor Frank Mentrup (SPD), the desire for a fireworks-free zone comes from the people of Karlsruhe. According to Mentrup you have "the concern expressed primarily by families with children" implemented and fireworks banned.

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Visitors to the Schlossplatz should be informed of the prohibition by signs – so that everyone obeys it and no fireworks are set off on the Schlossplatz. In addition, the police and the public order office will be on site to control the celebrations. 

Sources used: City newspaper Karlsruhe: New Year’s Eve: In the firecrackers-free zone into the new year

A 36-year-old has to answer in court because he is said to have thrown a firecracker in the Rhine derby in September 2019. Over 20 people were injured.

A deafening bang shook the Cologne football stadium shortly before the end of the derby in the Bundesliga between 1.FC Cologne and Borussia Mönchengladbach in September 2019. Today a suspected firecracker is now standing in front of the regional court, among other things for causing an explosive explosion. 

According to the indictment, the 36-year-old had a firecracker of the brand "Gorilla bomb" detonated and thrown between cameramen and press photographers on the edge of the field. The detonation allegedly injured 23 people and damaged photographic equipment. The procedure is scheduled with five days of negotiations until the beginning of December.

Against crowds: Cologne mayor Reker calls for a ban on firecrackers on New Year’s Eve. Accident in Cologne: car detects cyclists when turning

"That was a really stupid move"said the defendant, who is charged with other violations of August 2020 such as assault and libel, on the first day of the trial. The 35-year-old later corrected his version, which he initially presented, that he had found the firecracker on a stadium toilet, and admitted that the banger was from "got to anyone" to have.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Another strike in Kiel on Monday. Due to the corona, the demo was very limited – over 1,000 people still took to the streets. From educators to trainees – what makes you angry?

At the beginning of the week, a lot of things stood still in Kiel due to another demonstration in the public service. Shortly before 9 a.m., the demonstrators from the municipal utilities, municipal hospital and Verdi headquarters marched to the parade ground. The protest on the parade ground in Kiel might have been larger without the corona restriction.

Nevertheless, residents felt the impact of the nationwide strike. Closed public daycare centers, longer waiting times at the offices or completely closed doors, empty rubbish bins. Bus drivers, hospital and rescue service employees, employees of the savings banks, theaters and municipal utilities as well as many other municipal employees also took part and stopped working.

But what drives the employees? t-online spoke to the local people.

parting line 

Petrick Paproth, 30, educator

Petrick Paproth: The educator wants more than just applause for his work. (Source: Sven Raschke)

"It is always said that we are systemically relevant and that we have to keep things running. On the other hand, nothing comes around except applause. It’s not just financial. There are also the conditions in the daycare centers. They are more stressful than beneficial, also for the children. And we also demand more recognition and respect for our work."

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Martin Junggeblut, 43, computer scientist at the municipal utilities

Martin Junggeblut: "We will not allow ourselves to be ripped off". (Source: Sven Raschke)

"The employer’s attitude is: kiss us on the feet and be happy that you have a job. But we won’t be ripped off. We want a fair offer. And something has to be done with the training. The conditions must improve there."

Zoe Eller, 24, trainee electronics technician at the municipal utility

Zoe Eller: She’s worried that she won’t be taken on after her training. (Source: Sven Raschke)

"I’m in my third year of training and will finish soon. The need to save ensures that fewer and fewer are taken over by us, or only for a limited period of 18 months. It’s totally absurd. It’s a crisis right now, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t need skilled workers in the future. We want to be taken over indefinitely."

Hans-Martin Glashoff, 59, industrial clerk in waste incineration

Hans-Martin Glashoff: The downsizing bothers him. (Source: Sven Raschke)

"What bothers me most is the downsizing. The system is currently being operated with too few people. The work and time pressure is increasing. If someone fails, it becomes difficult. Somehow it always worked so far, but it can’t go on like this."

Umut Yaprak, 35, structural engineer:

Umut Yaprak: He came out of solidarity. (Source: Sven Raschke)

"I am here mainly out of solidarity. We have colleagues in the city who are doing a dual course of study and are not covered by the collective agreement like regular trainees. They are practically in a toggle contract, and if they drop out or fail to complete their training, they even have to pay money back. I personally get 70 to 80 percent of what I would get in the free economy from the city. I want at least the 4.8 percent that we are demanding."

Hildegard Voss, 56, nurse:

Hildegard Voß: For you, appreciation is not just about words. (Source: Sven Raschke)

"We think we deserve it. Appreciation is not always just about words. I think that the public service nurses did a lot during Corona. And the fact that we are now getting such an offer that comes so late – I find that downright cheeky and also sad."

Dirk Schwerin, 44, administrative clerk

Dirk Schwerin: He demands fair money for fair work. (Source: Sven Raschke)

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"We want fair money for fair work. And we finally want the same money for the same work for our colleagues in the East. They still have to work an hour more a week. The offer is a joke. I don’t know what kind of people they are to even suggest such a thing."

The federal government and municipalities recently offered employees a wage increase of 3.5 percent within three years. That is far too little for the unions. Among other things, they are calling for an increase in income of 4.8 percent or a minimum amount of 150 euros per month for a term of twelve months for the approximately 2.3 million public sector employees of the federal government and municipalities. The apprenticeship allowances and internship fees are to be increased by 100 euros per month. The negotiations will enter the third round on Thursday.

Sources used: on-site discussions; own research

Berlin (dpa) – Ten days after the crisis meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the mayors of the eleven largest cities, several major cities have sought help from the Bundeswehr. Among other things, the soldiers help in health departments to understand the chains of infection.
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Almost every major city has now passed the critical value of 50 for the seven-day incidence. On October 9, Merkel promised the mayors of the eleven largest cities help with rising corona numbers: If the health authorities threaten to be overwhelmed, they should be supported by the federal and state governments. Since then, the number of new infections has skyrocketed.

Politicians are very concerned about the rise in corona cases in Berlin. The seven-day incidence was last at 86.9 (as of Sunday). The health authorities in the districts are chronically overloaded because of 200 missing positions. When it comes to contact follow-up, however, they say they are still behind. 240 Bundeswehr soldiers and some experts from the Robert Koch Institute also help here. More helpers are to be hired in the coming weeks.

FDP General Secretary Wissing: The cardboard comrade "Certificate of poverty for the Ministry of Defense": Expert opinion strengthens doubts about the Bundeswehr’s assault rifle

Several other large cities are also receiving support from the Bundeswehr in tracking contacts with infected people. There are now 80 soldiers in Frankfurt. 60 started the Corona service last week, the rest came on Monday. In Dortmund and Hamburg, 40 soldiers each lend a hand to the authorities. In Stuttgart, 60 soldiers have been helping with telephone contact tracing in the health department since Thursday.

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