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Should you help this cub

Should you help this cub

The city then warned its residents about the phenomenon.


The secret symbols of the criminals

The secret symbols of the criminals

Coffee machines can be cheap

Coffee machines can be cheap

Two are good, two fail

Two are good, two fail

Which heavy duty detergents are best?

These are the best detergents

How to properly care for orchids

How to properly care for orchids

Other municipalities in Germany have also warned of the danger of falling branches in recent weeks. For example, the city of Ahaus in North Rhine-Westphalia closed the palace garden to visitors for two days because branches could break off from the treetops. The cities of Gütersloh and Paderborn warned pedestrians to be more careful under trees.

"This must have happened to many trees in the current hot period"says the expert Ulrich Weihs with a view to the phenomenon. There are various explanations for the causes of broken branches, says the professor for tree experts at the University of Applied Science and Art (HAWK) in Göttingen. The main thesis is that the warmth of the branch surface reduces the elasticity of the outer wood fibers and the branch fails.

Horizontal branches are particularly affected, explains Weihs. Due to the horizontal position, the leverage is particularly great. According to Weihs, branch breakage is most likely to occur in softwood species such as poplar. The bulk density of their wood is lower than that of hardwood types and thus less resilient.

Practical experts like Torsten Drübert from the board of the professional association of certified arborists report that they did not register a serious increase this year despite the long lasting heat. "There are always branch breaks, but not on a large scale"says Jan Engel, spokesman for the State Competence Center for Forest in Eberswalde.

In silviculture, the demolitions are not so tragic, on roads or in gardens they can be rather unpleasant and are a risk, says Engel. Still, you don’t necessarily have to be afraid of trees.

In Berlin, one of the greenest metropolises in Europe with around 440,000 street trees, no significant increase in broken branches is known, reports Derk Ehlert, a consultant in the environmental administration. However, he calls for caution. "You should be attentive to the city and expect a branch to fall from the tree."

According to Weihs, not only heat is the cause. Sometimes trees simply no longer need some branches: especially those from the lower crown area that would be shaded by higher branches and could no longer make a significant contribution to photosynthesis. "These branches cost more energy than they generate themselves. That is why the trees separate from them", says Weihs.thesis statements to kill a mockingbird

"One cannot attribute branch breaks to a hypothesis alone. It is certainly a combination of different causes"says the scientist. The demolitions had nothing to do with the drought: "If you dry wood, it becomes much more stable", so Weihs. After all, for this reason lumber is specially dried.

From the point of view of experts, trees can cope with the loss of individual branches. Broken branches could also have positive sides, emphasizes Stefan Adler, advisor for forest policy at the Naturschutzbund (NABU): "Special structures emerge, such as caves in which bats or woodpeckers live." If the breakpoint is attacked by a fungus, a slow decomposition process begins. This in turn attracts rare beetles and other small animals that specialize in them.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." This is what it says in Genesis, the first book of Moses. In the following days he must have created the fig tree.

Current survey: These are the favorite vegetables of the German dried flowers are trendy in the bridal bouquet. Easy-care medicinal plant: The healing power of aloe vera Tinsel substitute: Decorate the Christmas tree with straw.

The fig is the first plant that is specifically named in the story of creation after general names such as grass, herbs and trees. Adam and Eve cover their nakedness with their leaves.

The list of plants mentioned in the Bible is long. "At least 110 Hebrew words in the Old Testament and around 50 words in Greek in the New Testament refer to plants", says Katrin Stückrath, coordinator of the Biblical Garden Network. A team led by Prof. Wilhelm Barthlott from the Nees Institute for Biodiversity in Bonn was able to assign another 17 names from the Koran to a genus or species. In total, they come in 105 ways.


The secret symbols of the criminals

The secret symbols of the criminals

Coffee machines can be cheap

Coffee machines can be cheap

Two are good, two fail

Two are good, two fail

Which heavy duty detergents are best?

These are the best detergents

How to properly care for orchids

How to properly care for orchids

Allusions and parables

The plants are mentioned in connection with regulations, rites and commandments, says book author Wolfgang Kawollek. "Countless allusions, parables and figurative words in the Bible testify to the status of plants in the everyday life of the people of Israel and how closely the biblical peoples were connected to nature."

One of the most enigmatic symbols remains that tree of knowledge from the history of creation. He is often represented as an apple. "There is indeed the saying "Omne malum ex malo", all evil comes from the apple"says plant expert Lüder Nobbmann. "But an apple as we know it did not exist in the culture of that time."

Some experts assume that the fig or the pomegranate could be meant, since these were common fruits in gardens at the time. Others also suspect it’s an orange or other citrus fruit. However, these come from Southeast Asia and were only introduced later, says Prof. Barthlott. "I think it means the vine that was classified as a tree in ancient times. This is also supported by his ambivalence: the Old Testament also warns against wine, and in Islam alcohol is even forbidden – at the same time rivers of wine flow in the paradise of the Bible and the Koran."

Grape vines, herbs and pumpkins

Judging by the mentions, wine has an important place in the Bible. "References to the vine are made in over 300 places in both the Old and New Testaments"says Kawollek. "From the earliest beginnings of mankind, vines were grown and their fruits were used."

Grapevines are also grown in this country – just like many other plants from the scriptures. They can not only be admired in many Bible gardens. "Many Mediterranean plants have been grown in monastery gardens for centuries and have gradually found their way into the kitchen garden at home"says Stückrath.

Herbs such as mint and dill from the Gospel of Matthew belong to it as well as pumpkins, melons, leeks, onions and garlic, which are mentioned in the fourth book of Moses. In the fifth book of Moses, the people of Israel are praised for the seven species in the Promised Land: wheat, barley, wine, figs, pomegranate, olives and dates. And the olive tree is one of the most symbolic plants in the scriptures. "Since the beginning of human history, the olive branch has symbolized peace and means new life and hope, as is aptly expressed in the story of the Flood", says Kawollek.


Katrin Stückrath: Bible Gardens. Origin, shape, meaning, function and interdisciplinary perspectives. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2012. 512 pp., 64.99 euros, ISBN: 978-3-525-62419-7.

Italy did it: the art of the Neapolitan pizza maker has been included in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Is there now free pizza for everyone?

The list of intangible cultural heritage is enriched by the tradition of the Neapolitan pizza maker. The Italian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Maurizio Martina, announced on Twitter. The reason for the Unesco committee: The tradition comes from Naples, where 3000 "Pizzaiuoli" Live and act. Tradition promotes social gatherings and exchanges between the generations.

Is there now free pizza for everyone? At least that was what the Association of Neapolitan Pizza Makers had promised, if they did "Art of Pizzaioli" on the cultural heritage list. "We are proud that we worked for one of the oldest crafts in the world"Said association president Sergio Miccù previously.

Set an example against frozen goods

In the application, Italy had declared that the tradition went far beyond the famous pizza’s swirling and topping: In addition to the handicraft, songs and stories have been around since the 16th century "Passed on from generation to generation"as it says in it. In addition, the proud Neapolitans wanted to set an example against frozen and industrial goods.

What is intangible cultural heritage?

Intangible cultural heritage – which must not be confused with Unesco World Heritage – is defined as traditions that are based on human knowledge and skills and that are passed on from generation to generation.

A total of 23 traditions applied for inclusion in the list of intangible cultural heritage, which already includes more than 360 traditions from areas such as dance, theater, music and handicrafts.

Culture: German tradition of organ building declared a cultural heritage Unesco sites in Germany: Open sights despite Corona "Pizza mouse" in New York: Fast food creates ” pizza mouse ”

Among other things, the German tradition of organ building was included in the Unesco list of intangible cultural heritage.

A small, fluffy bird sits on the lawn in your garden. Should you help this cub?

Many wild animals have offspring in spring. Fluffy birds in the garden often arouse protective instincts in people – especially when they seem to need help. The wildlife advisory service of the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), however, expressly advises that young wild animals be left alone.

Protect young birds from dogs and cats

The so-called branchlings are usually not in need of help. "They usually sit quietly in cover, have phone contact with their parents and are looked after", says Katrin Koch from NABU about the young birds that have not yet fledged. "At this stage, they are at greater risk of sitting in the nest."

Nesting aid: Swallow protection in your own garden Cleaning the nest box: This is how it’s donePromoting beneficial animals in the garden: Tips for hobby gardeners

In order not to endanger such young animals, dogs should also be kept on a leash when walking and cats, if possible, only let out accompanied, recommends the wildlife advisory service.

Sources used: dpa-tmn news agency

Nuremberg (dpa / lby) – In a residential building in Nuremberg, there was an explosion or deflagration and a 60-year-old man was seriously injured. He suffered serious burn injuries, the police said on Saturday.

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Initially, the police spoke of life-threatening injuries. Large parts of the house wall were blown away in the incident. Fragments lay on the street and in the front yard of the house. The cause was initially unclear.

When the helpers arrived on Saturday, the 60-year-old was still on the upper floor of the row house in the south of Nuremberg. He was taken to a hospital. Another resident of the house, who was alone in the apartment on the ground floor, was able to leave the house unharmed. The police put out a small fire on the upper floor of the house and evacuated the two immediately adjacent houses. The residents had to leave their homes for safety.

The investigators initially assume either an explosion or a deflagration in the apartment. According to the police, the damage to the house and cars parked in front of it amounts to several hundred thousand euros.

Neustadt / Weinstrasse (dpa / tmn) – Citrus plants are best outside in summer. They like bright and sunny locations. The plants often have white, fragrant flowers.

Current survey: These are the favorite vegetables of the German dried flowers are trendy in the bridal bouquet. Easy-care medicinal plant: The healing power of aloe vera Tinsel substitute: Decorate the Christmas tree with straw.

Basically, it is sufficient to water it moderately during the growth phase – while doing this, let the upper layer of the ball dry off, advises the Rhineland-Palatinate Gardening Academy. Spraying the plants with water on warm days can increase the humidity.

In order to promote the growth of citrus plants – such as lemon, orange, lime, mandarin or grapefruit – the experts recommend a complete fertilizer rich in potash or special citrus fertilizer. In winter they only need a little water and, in a dark location, no fertilizer at all.

Düsseldorf (dpa / tmn) – It sounds so tempting: A lot of money should be saved by those who compact their waste with the help of small garbage presses for private households.

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