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It affected all levels of the general public budget with the exception of social security

It affected all levels of the general public budget with the exception of social security

The first participant in the Phase 2a study had been vaccinated, it said in a statement from late Tuesday evening. The study is running in Peru and Panama with 690 healthy participants. First data are expected in the fourth quarter. After that, the company plans to start the crucial phase III study with up to 30,000 participants.

Jean Stéphenne, on Curevac’s board of directors, recently said the vaccine could be available in six to nine months. After the Mainz company Biontec, the company was the second German company to receive approval for a clinical study. The vaccine is based on the messenger molecule mRNA and stimulates the production of a virus protein in the body. This triggers an immune response that is supposed to protect people from the virus. The vaccine study started in mid-June.

Israel restricts right to demos

In the fight against the further spread of the coronavirus, the Israeli parliament has passed temporary restrictions on demonstrations. The Knesset MPs approved the controversial measures after hours of deliberation on Wednesday morning.

Accordingly, people are only allowed to take part in demonstrations during the complete lockdown if these take place less than 1,000 meters away from their home. Due to the current lockdown, you are only allowed to move further than one kilometer from your home in exceptional cases. So far, this has included participation in a demonstration. The number of participants must not exceed 20.

The measure is initially valid for one week, but can be extended for a short time under certain conditions.

Ischgl: Public prosecutor’s office is investigating four people

The authorities in Austria are investigating four suspects on the momentous events in the Corona crisis in Ischgl. After examining more than 10,000 pages of evidence, the investigation had become more specific, said the spokesman for the Innsbruck public prosecutor, Hansjörg Mayr, on Wednesday. "In particular, the implementation of ordinances relating to traffic restrictions in Ischgl and the quarantine in the Paznaun Valley are being examined more closely." The authorities did not disclose the identities of the accused. The mayor of the place, Werner Kurz, and three employees of the state authority are affected, according to the broadcaster ORF.

The winter sports resort of Ischgl in Tyrol was considered a corona hotspot in March, which is said to have contributed significantly to the spread of the virus in parts of Europe. One question is whether, according to the information available, timely action was taken to curb the spread. After Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced the quarantine over the Paznaun Valley in a press conference on March 13th, thousands of tourists and seasonal workers left under sometimes chaotic conditions, although according to the quarantine regulation they should have stayed in the valley.

Berlin Senate decides to wear a mask in offices

In view of the recent increase in the number of corona infections in Berlin, private outdoor celebrations will only be allowed to take place with a maximum of 50 participants. In closed rooms there is an upper limit of 25 participants. The Berlin Senate decided on Tuesday, as the German press agency learned from coalition circles.

A general mask requirement in office and administrative buildings is also new. When working at the desk, the regulation should not apply, as it was said. Both regulations are to apply from Saturday (October 3rd).

Recently, the number of new infections in Berlin – as elsewhere in Germany – rose comparatively sharply and alarmed politicians. Per 100,000 inhabitants, 28.9 people were verifiably infected with the coronavirus within seven days (as of Tuesday). This value, which is important for evaluating the infection rate, is higher in the capital than in any other federal state – however, a comparison of a densely populated metropolis with large-scale states is only possible to a limited extent.

The authorities see illegal parties and private celebrations with a lot of alcohol consumption as sources of infection. In the past few weeks, the Berlin police have been repeatedly on duty in parks or woods, where several hundred people often gathered to celebrate. Violations of distance rules, for example, were the order of the day. Only last weekend the police broke up two such gatherings.

Corona pandemic in Berlin: The Senate has decided that a mask is mandatory in offices. (Source: imago images)

Up to 1,000 euros fine for incorrect information in Schleswig-Holstein

Anyone who gives false information about themselves in a restaurant or other inns will face a future fine of up to 1,000 euros in Schleswig-Holstein. "It is intentional if you do not fill out contact lists correctly"said Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) on Tuesday in Kiel.argumentative essay steps At least a fine of 50 euros should be due for this. This is likely to become an issue for many tourists who are on vacation in Schleswig-Holstein on the North or Baltic Sea.

The minister-presidents of the federal states agreed on a minimum fine of 50 euros when they switched to video with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), in which Günther also took part.

The federal states are responsible for the specific implementation – via corresponding changes in their Corona regulations and catalogs of fines. At first it remained unclear how the rule of fines should actually be applied if, for example, by entering a wrong name it is not clear who it is.

18,000 corona tests at Stuttgart main station

Around 18,000 people have had themselves tested for the corona virus at Stuttgart Central Station since mid-August. The test station for travelers returning will close on October 1, as the German Red Cross (DRK) announced in Baden-Württemberg on Tuesday. Up to 750 of the free tests were carried out during the day. The DRK regional association could not say how many people tested positive for the virus at the main train station.

Illegal dance party: Berlin restaurateur has to pay 5000 euros

A Berlin restaurateur has to pay a fine of 5000 euros after a dance party. The Berlin-Mitte district announced on Tuesday that the corona hygiene regulations were massively violated at the event. Since the end of June, more than 1000 reports have been recorded by the internal service of the public order office. There are nightlife spots like Torstrasse in the district. In the past few months, the Berlin police repeatedly broke up parties with hundreds of participants. In view of the increased number of infections in the capital, Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) called for a more consistent implementation of corona rules.

Corona suspected cases on Tui cruise ship tested negative

The twelve suspected corona cases on board the TUI cruise ship "My ship 6" had a negative result in a second corona test. The Greek health authority announced on Tuesday morning. The ship with around 1,600 people on board docked in the port of Piraeus during the night. It was on Sunday in Heraklion on a one-week Mediterranean tour. On Tuesday morning, employees of the Greek authorities carried out a third test on site on the now isolated and, according to TUI, symptom-free crew members.

"My ship 6": Twelve crew members were isolated as infected after an initial test for the corona virus. (Source: ANE Edition / imago images)

Of the 666 crew members aboard the "My ship 6" twelve had previously tested positive for the novel corona virus. In addition to the crew, there are also 933 passengers on board the cruise ship. According to TUI Cruises, the crew is regularly tested for the new corona virus as part of an early warning system. This is part of the cruise operator’s health and hygiene concept.

According to the information, an external laboratory reported positive test results from twelve crew members on Monday. The tourism company announced that those affected had no symptoms, but were immediately isolated on board.

More than one million corona deaths registered worldwide

According to US scientists, more than one million people have died after being infected with the virus since the beginning of the corona pandemic. That came out on Monday evening from data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. More than 33.2 million infections have been detected. Experts assume a high number of unreported cases. Around a fifth of all recorded deaths are in the United States, where more than 205,000 people have died. More than 142,000 people have died in Brazil and more than 95,000 in India.

The number of victims in the USA, where around 330 million people live, is the highest in the world to date in absolute terms. In relation to the number of inhabitants, however, the number of deaths is higher in some European countries. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, around 63 people died per 100,000 population in the USA, and this figure is a little higher in the UK. In Spain there are 67 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, in Germany 11.

UN Secretary General António Guterres has the number of more than one million people who have died after being infected with the coronavirus than "excruciating milestone" designated. "It’s a numbing number"Guterres said, according to a statement on Tuesday night in New York. "Nevertheless, we must never lose sight of the individual lives: they were fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues."

Public debt at peak due to pandemic

The corona crisis has caused the federal, state, local and social security debt to rise to a peak with banks and private companies. The total was 2,108.9 billion euros at the end of the first half of 2020, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Tuesday in Wiesbaden, citing preliminary results. This is the highest level determined in the statistics since the conversion of the calculation method in 2010. Accordingly, the mountain of debt grew by around eleven percent or 210.1 billion euros compared to the end of 2019.

The increase is "This was mainly due to the fact that the public budgets raised funds for measures to deal with the Corona crisis"said the Federal Office. It affected all levels of the general public budget with the exception of social security. In the second quarter of 2020, debt increased by almost eight percent or 153.5 billion euros compared to the first three months of the year.

Trump wants to distribute 150 million rapid tests

US President Donald Trump has announced the distribution of 150 million rapid coronavirus test kits by his administration. 50 million of the test kits are to be issued to old people’s homes, assisted living facilities and other institutions particularly at risk from the virus, as Trump announced on Monday.

The remaining 100 million sentences should go to US states and other regional authorities to help them lift restrictions on public and economic life, the president announced. Each test kit costs the US federal government five dollars (4.30 euros).

The federal government brings a ban on serving alcohol into play

In the fight against the corona pandemic, the federal government wants to limit the number of alcohol served in particularly affected regions under certain conditions. In order to minimize infections in the catering industry, the number of infections should increase "Temporary ban on serving alcohol will be issued"According to the draft of the draft resolution submitted to the German Press Agency in Berlin for the deliberations of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with the Prime Minister’s Conference this Tuesday.

In addition, in view of the persistently high number of infections with the coronavirus, the federal government proposes a restriction to a maximum of 25 participants for celebrations in private rooms. In public spaces, the restriction should be a maximum of 50 participants, according to the draft resolution.

Another suggestion concerns the follow-up of contacts in restaurants. In order to enable correct contact tracking, regulatory authorities should be able to prove violations of incorrect personal information in restaurants with a minimum fine of 50 euros, the letter says. It is unclear whether this should only apply when certain limit values ​​are exceeded for new infections. At first she had "picture"Newspaper reports on the numbers.

Berlin’s mayor agrees to stricter rules

In view of the increasing number of infections in Berlin and nationwide, Berlin’s Prime Minister Michael Müller agrees the population on a possible tightening of corona rules. "I do believe that we will reschedule something", said the SPD politician before the Senate meeting and a switch of the country leaders with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday the German Press Agency. Most likely it will be "that the contact options would have to be restricted again".

The aim is to prevent a lockdown. "But of course we want to act in a targeted manner and not just say that everything will be restricted again on a very broad basis", explained Müller. "We’ll take a close look at where the sources of infection are. So far it has not been apparent to us that schools, the workplace, culture or sporting events are part of it. Rather, infections are more common at private parties, for example."

Müller does not expect that quick implementations will be agreed upon at the meeting with his country colleagues. "But I believe that there must be resolutions that give us the opportunity to act quickly if a situation escalates nationwide or our traffic lights in Berlin jump from yellow to red." 

Chancellor Merkel complains about Corona measures in Berlin

Before the meeting between the federal and state governments on Tuesday on further measures in the fight against the corona pandemic, Chancellor Angela Merkel sharply criticized the Berlin state government. Here you can read more about it.

EU Commission Vice Timmermans in quarantine due to Corona case

EU Commission vice Frans Timmermans has gone into quarantine at home because of a Covid 19 infection in his environment. He had close contact with a person who tested positive for the corona virus, the agency’s vice president responsible for climate protection announced on Monday in the short message service Twitter. He is now in quarantine and works from home. "I will stay there, wait for the necessary tests and comply with the required quarantine time"wrote the top EU politician.

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