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Dictation has long attracted million-plus cities and hundred-thousand

Dictation has long attracted million-plus cities and hundred-thousand

Based on the results of the CDP, no binding decisions are made that are important for determining the future fate and educational trajectory of the student. Grades for VLOOKUP do not affect obtaining a certificate and transfer to the next class. 

Demo versions of tasks are posted on the information portal of the All-Russian verification work, as well as in the files attached below. 

Interview with the organizer of the “Total Dictation” action Olga Rebkovets

Olga, tell us how this year the Total Dictation differs from the previous one, because even then there was a lot of interesting things?

There is no limit to perfection. The main innovation is that 2018 saw the first elections for the new capital of the project. This status is awarded to the winning city for one year. In November-December 2017, a popular vote was held on the website Five finalists were chosen out of 16 candidate cities: Tallinn, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen and Vladivostok.

On January 27, at the traditional conference of Total Dictation, the final of the competition took place. The cities presented their programs to the jury, which included not only representatives of the Total Dictation, but also independent experts: the Underwood group, a specialist in the field of territorial marketing Konstantin Garanin, the rector of Novosibirsk State University Mikhail Fedoruk and the author of the dictation Guzel Yakhina. Vladivostok won and became the capital of the 2018 dictation. It was there, in the atrium of the Far Eastern Federal University, that Guzel would dictate his text.

What was the presentation of the city?

The delegations told how moving the capital of the project to their city will change the action, what it will bring to the Total Dictation. Vladivostok has proposed a fairly extensive development program. They connect many consular sites, where they will write both the Total Dictation and the TruD test (a simplified version of the test for those who are just learning Russian – ed.). Also this year, many Chinese cities have joined the project, with which the seaside headquarters of the project interact. Thus, they expand the geography of the Total Dictation.

He actively joined the FEFU action: he supported the action before, but especially now. The dictation will be written in the largest oceanarium in Russia, at the Nakhimov Naval School, and so on. All these factors impressed the jury. Although all the cities included in the short list are the leaders of the Total Dictation, Vladivostok turned out to be more convincing than others. 

Also within the framework of this competition, we held the first car rally “Total Journey”. hero essay On March 24, the convoy of Total Dictation vehicles drove off from Novosibirsk State University to cover 5,700 km to Vladivostok. This is how a new tradition of moving from the previous capital of the project to a new one was established. For 12 days, the project team visited Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Chita, Belogorsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, where they write the dictation. The cities hosted meetings with bloggers, journalists and friends of Total Dictation, as well as open popular science lectures on the Russian language from Vladimir Pakhomov, editor-in-chief of the site “”, and Natalya Borisovna Koshkaryova, chairman of the Expert Council of Total Dictation.

In winter, the conference “Dynamic Processes in the Modern Russian Language” was held for the sixth time. Tell us more about it.

Every year, Total Dictation invites city coordinators and expert philologists from all over the world to meet and exchange experiences. This year we have gathered over 200 people from 14 countries. While some participated in seminars and master classes, learned to popularize the action and effectively organize preparation for it, others discussed topical issues of modern Russian studies: dynamics, variability and codification of norms. It was a unique scientific conference, which opened with a visiting session of the spelling commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences and ended with a rock concert.

What else is new?

This year we are focusing on the quality of the Total Dictation and on the effectiveness of work with cities. We will make every effort to make the check even more thorough and efficient.

All city coordinators from year to year try to surprise the participants with new unusual venues and star dictators. The cities included in the short-list of the competition “Capital of Total Dictation – 2018” received the opportunity to host popular readers at their main venues as a gift from the organizers. In Tallinn, singer Dima Bilan and actor Viktor Sukhorukov will read the text, in Tyumen – creative producer and host of the Studio SOYUZ show on TNT channel Viktor Shchetkov, in Krasnoyarsk – TV presenter Mikhail Shats, in Irkutsk – poetess Akh Astakhova. 

On the day of the dictation, an inbound tourism center will be organized in Elista. The organizers suggest combining literacy testing within the framework of the Total Dictation with an extensive program that will acquaint participants with the culture and life of Kalmykia.

In 12 cities, dictation can be written in the Boiling Point coworking spaces opened by our partner, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The “younger brother” of Total Dictation, the TruD test, which we first conducted in 2016, is also growing. It provided an opportunity for everyone for whom Russian is a foreign language to test their level of knowledge and to take part in the world literacy festival. The test is based on the original text by Guzel Yakhina, created for the Total Dictation. It consists of ten tasks, which are arranged according to the level of difficulty. The test will be held simultaneously with the Total Dictation, it will be possible to write it not only on face-to-face sites, but also online on the project’s official website.

The online school for preparation for Total Dictation this year consists of four lessons. It started on March 21st. A month before, everyone could join the face-to-face training courses. Every year, more and more cities are involved in the classes, and therefore participants who want to be fully armed for the day of the dictation. 

Are the results of dictations somehow used by science?

The project’s expert work is constantly expanding. Since last autumn, three more members of the Expert Council of the Total Dictation have become members of the spelling commission of the RAS. Now we have five of them. At one meeting of the spelling commission, a topical topic was raised: the spelling of the words “Sun”, “Earth”, “Moon”, which were encountered in the 2017 dictation, from lowercase and uppercase letters.

We are glad that the results of the Total Dictation can serve as a reason for making additions and changes to the existing dictionaries and reference books. The results of the action also show that in those rules that are formulated in the textbooks clearly, clearly, completely and are practiced in the lessons, the participants practically do not make mistakes. In cases where the rules are written in cumbersome formulations, with many exceptions and reservations, many difficulties arise.

This year we entered into cooperation with the Russian Textbook Corporation. She suggested taking into account the comments and clarifications formulated by the experts of Total Dictation when compiling school textbooks.

How many venues and participating cities are there this year?

Cities are now on the home stretch to include sites in the promotion. More than 700 Russian cities have been confirmed. The dictation has long attracted cities with a population of one million and one hundred thousand. Now the expansion is proceeding by attracting small towns, villages, and villages. 

Abroad, we have 285 cities from 76 countries. Our newcomers are Hungary, Qatar, Costa Rica, Syria. New cities – Budapest, Copenhagen, Jurmala, Doha, Incheon. 

Will the largest venue abroad be in Tallinn again?

It’s hard to say now. Last year, a record was set there: the largest Total Dictation platform in the world. The dictation was written by almost 3 thousand people under the dictation of Dmitry Kharatyan at the Tandirab stadium. This year there will be three or four sites for 500-600 people. Two star readers and a philologist-teacher will dictate. So the audience was divided.

How many participants are expected?

We expect growth: about 250 thousand participants in the action, of which 50 thousand are online. We are further strengthening the online direction by connecting technology that will allow us to conduct a high-quality check of every dictation written on the site. Philologists of NSU together with the web service “Spelling” have improved this function on the site. There will be three live streams for different time zones. 

We will also have playgrounds in children’s centers. Last year there were “Ocean”, “Smena” and “Sirius”, this year “Artek” is connected. They make a platform for 3 thousand people. 

Many companies participate in the dictation. This year we received a request from the Federal Tax Service for Siberia: they want to connect divisions in 12 cities.

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