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Born in 1976: These celebrities are in the same age

Born in 1976: These celebrities are in the same age

In New York, where thousands were on the streets, looting and numerous arrests occurred on Monday night. Cars were on fire in Boston. Shops were also robbed in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. There was also a riot in the capital Washington.

The protests are directed against police violence, brutality and injustice against people with black skin. The trigger was the death of 46-year-old Floyd during a police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday last week. One of four officers involved held his knee behind his neck for several minutes. He ignored all requests from the African American to let him breathe. Floyd’s probably last words "I can not breathe" are now the rallying cry of the protesters.

US President Trump sought shelter from protests at government headquarters in an underground bunker of the White House on Friday. Several US media reported this on Sunday evening (local time) from Trump’s environment. Protesters had gathered in front of the White House on Friday evening, some of them knocked over barricades, bottles and stones were blown. After a little less than an hour, Trump was able to leave the bunker, reported the television channel CNN.

The shelter is intended for exceptionally dangerous situations, such as terrorist attacks. If the security forces in the White House see a greater threat, they take the president there – which is rare. For example, during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, then Vice President Dick Cheney and other high-ranking members of the government were brought to safety, and then President George W. Bush was in Florida.

Trump spoke up on Saturday, the day after his brief stay in the bunker, with a series of – sometimes martial – tweets. In it he praised the work of the Secret Service with a view to the protests the previous evening. "Not only were they totally professional, but they were also very cool"wrote Trump. "I was inside, watching every movement and couldn’t have felt more secure." Nobody could even come close to breaking through the fence of the White House. "If they had, they would have been greeted by the most vicious dogs and menacing weapons I have ever seen", threatened Trump retrospectively. "Then at least people would have been hurt really badly."

CNN TV reported that around 4,000 people across the country have since been arrested during protests. At least 40 cities have imposed night curfews. About ten million people are affected. Several states have mobilized the National Guard in response to the protests. This belongs to the armed forces reserve and can be called in for help in exceptional situations.

In New York, up to 6,000 people took part in protests, especially in the districts of Brooklyn and Manhattan, as local media reported, citing authorities.example of community service essay Some demonstrators threw glass bottles and rubbish at police officers, set cars on fire and set fires in rubbish bins. The Manhattan Bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan had to be temporarily closed.

In Washington, protesters moved to the White House again on Sunday evening (local time). There were clashes with the police. Protesters chanted "There is no peace without justice", as a dpa reporter reported. There had already been protests there in the past few days.

In Minneapolis, a tanker truck drove into a crowd on a freeway with thousands of protesters on Sunday. The driver was arrested, the authorities said. The background was initially unclear. Apparently nobody was injured. Over the past few nights, there had already been violence during protests in numerous American cities – from New York on the east coast to Los Angeles on the west coast. Trump called on Democratic mayors and governors to crack down. He wrote on Twitter: "Take a harder pace".

The Republican president blames radical left groups for the rioting, but without providing any evidence. He announced that Antifa would be classified as a terrorist organization. He left the details open. The Antifa has no central management or organizational structure. Numerous different left and radical left groups profess anti-fascism in the USA.

A son of the victim called for violence to be avoided. In a TV interview with CNN subsidiary KBTX, Quincy Mason Floyd appealed to the demonstrators to remain peaceful. The white policeman, who is held responsible for his father’s death, is due to appear in court on June 8 for a hearing, CNN reported. He is charged with murder. The dead man’s brother, Philonise Floyd, called on CNN on Sunday to arrest the other three police officers who were involved and did not intervene. "I want justice – now."

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo apologized to family members on Sunday evening. "If there was anything I could do to bring Mr. Floyd back, I would move heaven and earth to do it"said Arradondo during a performance at the location where Floyd was killed. Arradondo had fired the four police officers involved.

People who sublet their apartment to holiday guests could soon be the focus of tax investigations. This has received extensive data from a mediation platform.

Anyone who rents living space through the agency platform Airbnb and has not paid tax on the income could soon receive a visit from the tax investigation department. The Hamburg tax authorities announced on Wednesday that a special unit of the Hamburg tax investigation team, together with other federal and state authorities, in a multi-year international legal process, had Airbnb hand over the data of landlords for tax control purposes.

The data would now be evaluated by the Hamburg tax investigators and passed on to other federal states. Designate the authorities "Airbnb" not officially, but speak of one "worldwide acting agency portal for booking and brokerage of accommodation".

Finance Senator praises "big success"

"This is a great success for the Hamburg tax investigation agency"said Hamburg’s finance senator Andreas Dressel. Nationwide, it is the first successful international group request in connection with rental sales via internet platforms.

Andreas Dressel, Hamburg Senator for Finance: The SPD politician praised the work of the tax investigation.

"This is an important breakthrough to shed light on this considerable dark field"said the SPD politician. "The data will help to track down income that was previously hidden from the tax authorities in order to subject them to taxation."

Airbnb earnings are taxable

Income from Airbnb rentals are taxable if they exceed 520 euros a year and the total income is above the basic tax allowance (9,408 euros for singles). Tax evasion can result in a fine or imprisonment of up to five years, although particularly serious cases can be punished with up to ten years in prison.

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Regardless of the penalty issued, the tax evaded from the past ten years must be paid back, including default interest of six percent.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In Melbourne, a man wanted to extend his stay in an Airbnb room without paying. The landlord and two accomplices then beat the 36-year-old to death. 

Two Australians have been sentenced to several years in prison because of a fatal dispute over an unpaid bill from the online accommodation exchange Airbnb. The two 37 and 38 year old men from Melbourne have been behind bars for seven and a half and nine years respectively. They beat a 36-year-old guest to death. This involved an invoice for 210 Australian dollars (the equivalent of around 130 euros).

The later victim had booked a room through Airbnb in Brighton East, a suburb of the metropolis of Melbourne. However, he extended his stay without paying for it. Apparently he only had six dollars left in his account. He was then knocked out so badly by the landlord and two accomplices that he eventually died. The third suspect will also have to answer in court next year.

Sources used: dpa

Surprise at a charity gala: Lilly Becker bought a trophy brought in by moderator Oliver Pocher back into the family property of her husband Boris Becker.

Born in 1976: These celebrities are the same age

Photo series with 12 pictures

An unusual story played out at the 10th charity gala to promote inclusion in Bad Nauheim. Lilly Becker, who actually came to the event to present the award winner Kristina Vogel, quickly became the new owner of a very special trophy.  

Oliver Pocher, who was also at the gala, had a surprise ready. The presenter and new father of four had the trophy from Lilly Becker’s husband Boris Becker with him. The tennis legend got it for second place in the ATP World Championship in 1994. Pocher had bought it himself and now wanted to auction it for a good cause.

And Lilly Becker did not miss this opportunity to bring the piece back into the family. She bought the trophy for 10,000 euros. "This trophy belongs to the Becker family", Pocher quotes the 43-year-old on his Instagram account. There the comedian also published a photo of himself with Lilly Becker and the trophy.

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Pocher had previously acquired a total of two pieces with a total value of around 25,000 euros at an auction in London in July. Lilly Becker commented under the photo on Pocher’s Instagram profile: "You have such a big and good heart. Thank you." They also set the Hasthags: "Good purpose" and "Real friends". The price is for her son Amadeus, one learns in the story by Oliver Pocher. 

Sources used: news agency spot on newsInstagram profile of Oliver Pocher 

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings in the world. An artist recreated them – from colorful plastic cubes. Now the picture has achieved an extraordinary price at an auction.

A Mona Lisa made of magic cubes was auctioned in Paris for 480,000 euros. The work "Rubik Mona Lisa" by the French artist Invader achieved around four times the estimated price of 120,000 to 150,000 euros, according to the auction house Artcurial.

Invaders Mona Lisa is composed of almost 330 Rubik’s Cubes. The artist, whose real name is Franck Slama, has focused on the so-called "Rubicubism" specialized: He recreates masterpieces of art with Rubik’s Cubes. The game with the colorful plastic cubes goes back to the Hungarian designer Ernö Rubik and was particularly popular in the 1980s.

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The Mona Lisa is the first image from the Invaders series. It includes, among other things "Breakfast in the countryside" by Edouard Manet or the "Origin of the world" by Gustave Courbet. Invader has presented its work in exhibitions around the world since 2005. Leonardo da Vinci’s original painting of the Mona Lisa hangs in the Louvre in Paris and is famous for the enigmatic smile of those portrayed.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Russia is in a crisis, some citizens can barely afford shoes. President Vladimir Putin listened to people’s concerns on a TV show. And did not want some things to be true.

For the 17th time, Kremlin chief Putin considers his TV show, which lasts several hours, to be a direct line to Russian citizens. The questions run into the millions. The worries of people plagued by poverty increase every year. And what does the President offer as a solution?

Russian President Vladimir Putin had to worry about the worries of his compatriots on the TV show for hours "Direct line" listen. Wages that are not enough to live on; Doctors who are on the run because they don’t even earn the equivalent of 1,000 euros a month; Essential medicines that are missing – and broken roads and dirty drinking water.

In the 17th edition of the program on Thursday, the Kremlin chief himself did not want to believe that it should be that bad. The format traditionally serves to present him as the top problem solver in the country. But the 66-year-old could not offer a correct recipe for the economic upturn.

"When does it get easier?"

"We have to change the structure of the economy"says Putin. Away from the dependence on oil and gas. High technology, digitization, artificial intelligence – that is the future. After 20 years in power, during this national hour of grief, he sometimes sounds like someone judging the situation from the outside.

"When does it get easier?"asks a citizen. "Russia is the land of eternal experimentation", it says in a comment that the state television fades in. In the studio, however, mainly Russians who are loyal to the line sit, for example the star conductor and Putin friend Valeri Gergijew and ballerina Svetlana Sakharova.

The prominent anti-corruption fighter and blogger Alexej Navalny commented on the program from a distance with other opposition forces: "Putin lies live on TV!"he writes on Twitter.

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