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Born 1985: These celebrities are in the same age

Born 1985: These celebrities are in the same age

Because of the extensive ban on contact, the four musicians played their instruments separately in their apartments.

The biggest challenge wasn’t the cupboard, but the two-year-old son of Stefanie Kloß and Thomas Stolle. "Little tots are very opposed to it if it’s not one hundred percent about them"said Kloß.

She also expressed respect for the people who have to take care of their children at home and have to work. "I think these times demand solidarity, empathy and understanding from all sides. Especially from employers."

Shortly after the wedding, Rocco Stark and his wife Nathalie separated again. But the 33-year-old wants to win back his loved one – in his own way. 

Born in 1986: These celebrities are the same age

Photo series with 13 pictures

Rocco Stark and his girlfriend Nathalie met in March 2017, became a couple, separated, and got back together. They got married in June 2018. A little later the relationship finally came about. He was abandoned by his wife because she apparently doubted his love. But the Ochsenknecht son doesn’t want to let that sit on him. He wants to win Nathalie’s heart back for himself. For a whole year he therefore renounced pretty much everything and withdrew. He wants to top it all off with a 600-kilometer run.

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The former jungle camper did without almost everything for 365 days, not even a Coke or a vacation for him. His normal life has virtually paused: "Because I wanted to show my wife how much I love her and what I am willing to do without for her." No sex, no alcohol, no coffee. 

"I withdrew completely"

"I withdrew completely and avoided any social contact. Not because I had to, for any exercise program or diet. It’s for my wife"he says in an interview with spot on news. He spent Christmas alone, as well as New Year’s Eve. He didn’t celebrate birthdays and no other parties. He avoided red carpets and his friends and family did not see anything of him. But that’s not all.

Engagement with Kim Gloss: jungle star wants to marry Sebastian Pannek and Angelina Heger: first appearance as a couple

On Thursday, the actor started walking from Berlin to Munich. Because in the past year he always thought about the conversations with his wife while he was running, and many things came back to him. Also that she once asked him to describe how much he loved her. "I said that I can’t do that, there are no words for that. But she asked me to try it. And after a few seconds I looked at her and said, so much so that I would walk from Munich to Berlin for you if I had to. And suddenly I realized what was missing, why I chose exercise, diet and now running – it was time to keep my promise." It remains to be seen whether he will be successful with community essay After all, Nathalie showed up again with a new man in July. 

Sources used: news agency spot on newsInstagram profile of Rocco Stark

Entertainer Palina Rojinski has now congratulated her sister on Instagram on her birthday. To do this, she uploaded various pictures and a video, surprising her fans. 

Born 1985: These celebrities are the same age

Photo series with 13 pictures

"Love you immensely and wish you the best year of your life", writes Palina Rojinski under her entry on Instagram. "Even without Instagram, you know how much you mean to me and how important you are to me", she adds. In the first picture, the two sisters pose with smoochy lips for a selfie.  

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Palina Rojinski uploaded a total of four photos and a short clip. In addition to the kissable mouth selfie, there is also a snapshot from the elevator, a funny video in the mask including a dance and a picture in front of a mountainous landscape with bobble hats, as well as a children’s photo of the two sisters. So far, the TV star had shown her own sister less on Instagram, but there is a whole load of family impressions on the special day.

"Mamma Mia. What a gene pool"  

The comments that relate to the moderator’s entry are almost exclusively compliments, congratulations or baffled statements. Actress Sila Sahin, who seems to know the sister of Palina Rojinski, writes: "How big it is, time is running out." Viktoria Lauterbach says: "What cute photos. Congratulations to your sweet sister." Sarah Connor is amazed: "Mamma Mia. What a gene pool." Palina Rojinski then returns the compliment directly to Sarah Connor and her sisters. 

As usual, revealing: This is how Sophia Thomalla comments on the fireworks debate. Fan wanted to know exactly: Lena Gercke answers a question about her breasts

While the 34-year-old leads a public life and shares her Instagram snapshots with around 1.6 million subscribers, her sister prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Her profile is set to private and can only be viewed by friends. 

Sources used: Palina Rojinksi’s Instagram profile

On July 7th, Uwe Ochsenknecht and Kiki Viebrock embarked in a small group into the port of marriage. The new wife thanks her on Facebook with a stylish family photo for the congratulations.

In addition to Uwe and Kiki, all Ochsenknecht children can be seen in the picture: Jimi Blue, Wilson Gonzalez, Cheyenne and Rocco Stark pose on and on an old VW bus. "I am marrying a family. Thanks for all of your congratulations", the 43-year-old comments on the picture in which she and her Uwe are beaming.

…i am marrying a family&# 128514;&# 128540; Thank you for all your congratulations ❤️☘️ 7.7.2017☘️❤️

Posted by Kiki Ochsenknecht on Monday, July 17, 2017 Secret wedding: Uwe Ochsenknecht told his Kiki ” Yes! ” Natascha and Uwe say yes again: Double wedding at the Ochsenknecht’s career comes first: ” I enjoy my single life ” ‘

Your fans are thrilled. "A great picture of you. Best wishes for your wedding", writes a follower. Another user says: "I am very excited about your cool wedding photo. It’s one of the nicest I’ve seen so far. All the best."

Rocco Stark actually always lived out his relationships in public. He’s been keeping his love life private for some time. Nevertheless, it now comes out: Uwe Ochsenknecht’s son has married.

At the end of April 2017, Rocco Stark appeared for the first time together with his new girlfriend Nathalie. A short time later there were already rumors of engagement about the actor and the doctor’s assistant. Then in November a relationship break, but Rocco and Nathalie became a couple again – and now the two have secretly said yes.

Nathalie and Rocco Stark: The two are now wife and husband. (Source: AEDT /

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Rocco and his newly wedded wife Nathalie have not officially confirmed the wedding. But the pictures that "Promiflash" available speak volumes. Rocco and Nathalie come out of the registry office beaming happily. Not only the bride wears white, the 32-year-old groom has also opted for a suit in cream. 

After saying yes at Bothmer Castle near Boltenhagen on the Baltic Sea, a white carriage – pulled by two white horses – went to the location to celebrate the wedding. During the trip there was snogging and turtling. However, it is not known who celebrated everything with Rocco and Nathalie. Allegedly, the wedding took place in a small private setting.

Rocco’s love life

In 2012 Rocco Stark met the former DSDS candidate Kim Gloss in the jungle camp. The two came together. In the same year they announced that they were expecting offspring. Daughter Amelia finally saw the light of day in February 2013. A few months later, Rocco and Kim split. 

Rocco Stark and Kim Gloss: They have a five year old daughter together. (Source: picture alliance / Eventpress)

In 2016, Rocco was with the former for some time "Bachelor"-Candidate Angelina Heger together. The two were in RTLs together "Summer house of the stars", but split up before the show was broadcast. 

Angelina and Rocco: They were a couple for half a year in 2016. (Source: picture alliance / Geisler-Fotopress)

Family planning completed: Uwe Ochsenknecht: ” I don’t need another little monster ” A house in the country: Angelina Heger dares to restart after a ” shitty year ” After Ochsenknecht’s wedding: Kiki Viebrock thanks for congratulations

His current wife is not a prominent figure. Instead, Rocco finally seems to have found the love of his life in her.

Sources used:"Promiflash"- Report on Rocco Stark’s wedding

Everything looked like it would be forever this time. But after only seven months of marriage, Rocco Stark has now had to declare his relationship with Nathalie to have failed.

Relationship break and love comeback, separation and reconciliation, now the marriage of Nathalie and Rocco Stark has reached its low point: The couple separated seven months after the wedding. Uwe Ochsenknecht’s son announced this to his fans via Instagram on Saturday.

"Until death do us part"

"Dear ones, I don’t even know where to start and I really don’t want to. But unfortunately this chapter does not turn out the way I wanted it to", wrote the 32-year-old about a picture that shows two hands. "It was my wish that we would grow old together. Until death do us part. Unfortunately it won’t end like this."

In June 2018, Nathalie and Rocco had secretly, quietly and quietly in the smallest circle at Bothmer Castle near Boltenhagen on the Baltic Sea said yes. Seven months later, their marriage is in ruins.

"Please don’t give up on love"

Rocco appeals to his fans: "Please don’t give up love just because I’m not a good example of it right now." In the past few years, the actor had not shown a lucky hand in love. In 2016 he separated from Bachelor babe Angelina Heger after five months, and from DSDS star Kim Gloss in 2014.  

He already has a new one: Matthias Schweighöfer announces separation from Ani Barbara Meier: The model reveals new details about the wedding Shkodran Mustafi: DFB star has secretly become a father

 The relationship with Nathalie was also full of ups and downs: They became a couple in March 2017, when the beauty doc had sparked. Just a few weeks later she moved in with him, and there was even talk of offspring. But after just eight months, the actor separated from his girlfriend. After that it was quiet about Rocco and Nathalie. Until the summer of 2018. The 31-year-old and his girlfriend, who is seven years younger than him, announced that they were married. Their love happiness should last only seven months.

Sources used: Instagram profile of Rocco Stark’s own research

Berlin (AP) – TV presenter Frank Elstner (77) once almost had the ZDF cultural program "Aspects" accepted. But instead he decided to make films about Nobel Prize winners, like Elstner in the first episode of his new YouTube talk show "Bet that’s it ..?" tells.

+++ Current celebrity news +++

About shooting with Jens Spahn: Gottschalk: "Would have given Shitstorm" Nick Ferretti: DSDS runner-up wins final of "The Super talent" More than a sidekick: punched through with wit and charm: Jonah Hill turns 37 TV tip: Viennese "crime scene" from the homeless milieu The table for presents remains empty: This is how Marianne and Michael celebrate Christmas

At the premiere Elstner had the satirist and Grimme Prize winner Jan Böhmermann as a guest. "What do you think what remains of you?"he wanted to know from him. In his time as "Bet that..?"-Moderator "Aspects" should take over, answered Elstner. "And I met with the whole department there and talked to them and found that I am sitting across from 20 enemies." An entertainer in the cultural program, that couldn’t go well – and then he canceled.

But three months later he made his own offer: "Folks, I’d like to do a series with Nobel Prize winners. And I made 138 films with Nobel Prize winners, was at home with them and was busy with their work." All ran on ZDF. "And I am convinced that something will stay there."

It was only announced on Wednesday that Elstner had Parkinson’s disease. He got the diagnosis three years ago, Elstner said in an interview with the weekly newspaper "The time". "I haven’t told anyone except my family and my best friend."

For a change, Steffen Henssler hits a presenter in the pan: The TV chef ("Grill the Henssler") and comedy newcomer Enissa Amani ("Studio Amani") have been having an entertaining exchange of blows on social networks since Monday, which is now in its third round.

TV colleagues can argue so badly: presenter Enissa Amani (32), who was discovered by Stefan Raab and is already at "Let’s dance" participated, has had its own comedy show since the beginning of March called "Studio Amani". The TV format does not seem to be one of Steffen Henssler’s (43) favorites, because after her fourth broadcast on April 4, he posted the following tweet: "Studio Amani is a real reason to check out Casino Royale for the 10th time."

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